April 25, 2023


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BOXLAB Services celebrates its birthday!Review of two years full of challenges, goals and milestones

On April 1, BOXLAB Services celebrated its second birthday – we take this event as an opportunity to look back on the development of our company, influenced by the energy crisis, pandemic and other challenges.

However, we were largely able to contain the impact on us and our daily business, so we look back on the past 24 months with satisfaction.

The motives of BOXLAB Services

After the time in BASF’s own business incubator, the BOXLAB Services story took off. The idea behind it, to replace labeled dangerous goods boxes identically within 24 hours to prevent the loss of an entire pallet, was the beginning of today’s everyday business.

Thus, over time, new products, system solutions and approaches started to roll out and were elaborated and optimized. Anyone who deals with hazardous goods cardboard boxes also delves into the depths of hazardous goods transport in general. This also includes our other products, such as placards, warning signs, PE boards and danger labels. This expansion provided the thought-provoking impetus for our tools for optimal application of our labels.

The development and growth of BOXLAB Services is a process of products and solutions that are all directly related and build on each other.

Fast. Easy. Sustainable.

Making it as easy and fast as possible for customers to handle hazardous goods in transport has been our focus from the very beginning – „fast and easy“. This already starts with the order. Be it that he receives his labels within 24 hours or the possibility to simply order via our store and that already from quantity 1.

Our third aspect in the name also shapes our entrepreneurial actions every day – „sustainable“. The sustainability of BOXLAB Services has played a central role since the beginning, and right now this rethinking is becoming more and more important, and we help in many different ways. Recycling the backing paper of our labels or reusable shipping cartons are just a small insight into our contribution to environmental protection, because here too we are constantly pursuing the goal of further improvement.

We have already been able to convince some customers to collect their label backing paper, after which we ensure that it is returned to the cycle.

We continue to grow – now also spatially

In september of last year, the move to larger office space was on the agenda for us. The team and also the demand have grown over time and so the next logical step followed.

Not far away from our old place of work, the TZL center, BOXLAB is now also located in Ludwigshafen.

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Dangerous goods labels for all

In October our new online store went online, from now on for everyone, this was a big, important step for us. The ordering process is now easier and faster, with an account here now everyone can order, what was previously still done manually by us, inquiries and conversations required, now runs automatically.

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HERMA and BOXLAB – An important partner

Since a few months we have a cooperation with the label manufacturer HERMA GmbH, a leading European specialist for packaging and product marking. HERMA customers now benefit from the possibility to order already small quantities and receive them through BOXLAB, we on the other hand improve our delivery capability through our new cooperation partner.

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Range of products – From A to Z

Over time, our product range in the area of labels has also expanded by quite a bit, so the 2in1 and 3in1 combinations of hazard labels now make it easier for the user to apply them to corresponding containers. This saves a lot of time and effort, since from now on only one label, with two or three designations, has to be applied and no longer all separated from each other.

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Knowledge exchange - fairs

In order to expand our knowledge, to follow product developments and to make new contacts, which always bring BOXLAB Services further forward, we have visited some trade fairs.

Whether as an exhibitor at the Munich Dangerous Goods Days, where we will be represented again this month, or in Leipzig at the GGS trade fair for dangerous goods//hazardous materials, we have also visited FACHPACK in Nuremberg several times.

Last year, our founder Mischa Feig also gave a presentation at LogiChem (Europe’s largest chemical supply chain event), and we have a lot planned for face-to-face meetings in the coming months as well. LogiMAT in Stuttgart and the Dangerous Goods Safety Days 2023 in Nürburg are the selected platforms here.

„Our goal is to become the leading service provider for individual process optimization
of label and packaging processes with a clear focus on sustainability.“
Lisa Ruffing, Founder and COO of BOXLAB Services

„Sustainability doesn’t just start with disposal.“
Mischa Feig, Founder and CEO of BOXLAB Services


With all changes, developments and challenges, the tasks also grow. Whether in the office, in customer service or in the field, we have something for everyone. In addition, the motto is: The mixture makes the difference!

That’s why we are looking for you!