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Explore our selection of high-quality hazardous goods labels for safe and efficient shipping. From standard formats to customized solutions.

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Amenities that go beyond the standard


To avoid downtime in the warehouse, we guarantee our customers a Europe-wide delivery in a maximum of 24h.


Our service and product portfolio enables us to build sustainable processes for ourselves and our customers.


Our intuitive shop makes it child’s play to order even complex combined products from BOXLAB Services in seconds.



Discover our exclusive introductory offer for our Class 3 hazard labels on a roll! Now available for an unbeatable €0.01 instead of €0.03 per piece. But hurry as this offer is valid for a limited time only

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BOXLAB Services


We provide our customers with easy access to efficient and sustainable label and packaging processes. By looking at each customer individually, we develop a needs-based system solution consisting of service and product benefits that have a positive impact on internal processes, warehouse space utilization, operational expenditure and the sustainability of the company.


Ordering effort

Who orders with 3 clicks is happier. Through our shop, ordering our entire range is as easy as you would otherwise only know it from a certain online marketplace – thanks to QR code scan maybe even a little easier.


Storage space

If you order more than 1 piece, you order less. If you know you will receive your goods within 24 hours, you only order what you really need. This is how we avoid full storage areas at our customers. It’s as simple as that.


Effort in handling

Easy handling on site, combining label formats, combining various articles – with many customized solutions we support and make life easier for many drivers and warehouse staff.


Disposal costs

Those who order less, throw away less. This particularly affects our customers in highly regulated industries, who are often forced to dispose of perfectly good products due to damaged outer packaging.

Our Categories

Dangerous goods labels

BOXLAB Services dangerous goods labels guarantee safety and quality. The compact danger labels (100x100mm) provide precise information. Our placards (250x250mm) meet ADR standards and set safety standards. The warning signs (400x300mm) ensure clear warnings. Technical names (420x287mm) are clearly displayed. Also discover our other, ADR special regulations, IATA labels and additional labels for comprehensive dangerous goods labeling. Order now for proven quality from BOXLAB Services.

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Hazardous substances labels

Welcome to our extensive selection of high-quality GHS labels for the reliable and effective labeling of hazardous substances! As a established provider of hazardous substance labeling solutions, we offer a diverse range of GHS labels in various sizes and materials. Our GHS labels comply with the stringent requirements of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and ensure clear communication of hazard information. Find the perfect label for your needs and ensure the safe labeling of your hazardous substances.

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Discover our extensive range of ADR labels and ISO EN 7010 compliant signs, ensuring safety in hazardous material transportation. From vital „Safety Valve“ (SV) labels to alignment arrows for proper container orientation, each product meets rigorous ADR standards. Our selection also includes LKW (truck) markings and container identifiers for streamlined logistics management. Whether you need warning labels, customizable multilingual options, or standardized ISO EN 7010 signs, we cater to diverse safety requirements.

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With BOXLAB Services accessories you can rely on optimal additions to your dangerous goods solutions. The starter kits make it easier to get started, while our tools efficiently support the labeling process. PE boards offer additional security and information in the desired format. Also discover our gift ideas for original and useful presents. BOXLAB Services offers not only products, but also practical accessories for efficient and safe dangerous goods processes. Order now and optimize your processes.

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Thought one step further

System solutions

BOXLAB Services develops customized and sustainable service solutions for packaging and labels to improve supply chain processes in the B2B sector. We do this by using smart products, services and rethinking processes and structures. So that you can focus on the important things, and labels and packaging remain nothing more than labels and packaging for you.


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Some products

Quality that convinces.

Dangerous goods labels

Hazard labels


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  • All UN-combinations available
  • Validity according to ADR, IATA, IMDG, RID
  • Certification according to BS 5609 Section III
  • Standard format 100x100mm
  • Strong adhesive
  • Alson available in sheets/rolls
  • 2in1 and 3in1 combinations possible

Dangerous goods labels



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  • All UN-combinations available
  • Validity according to ADR, IATA, IMDG, RID
  • Certification according to BS 5609 Section III
  • Standard format 250x250mm
  • Strong adhesive
  • Available in sheets
  • Contour line black and with peel-off tab

Dangerous goods labels

Warning signs


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  • All UN-combinations available
  • Validity according to ADR, IATA, IMDG, RID
  • Certification according to BS 5609 Section III
  • Standard format 400x300mm
  • Strong adhesive
  • Available in sheets
  • On request also as half warning panel

Speak for themselves. And for us.

Dr. Martin Brudermüller
Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE
BOXLAB Services has a good tradition with BASF, because the concept brings together innovation and sustainability.
Markus Bold - BASF Chemovator - BOXLAB Services Statement
Markus Bold
CEO, Chemovator GmbH
With the spin-off from Chemovator, BOXLAB Services becomes a prime example. It vividly demonstrates how independent startups can be developed from complex and everyday BASF problems using creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise.
Livio Tedeschi
President Agricultural Solutions, BASF SE
Through BOXLAB Services we accelerate our SupplyChain, serve our customers even faster and reduce any complexity. We also help to avoid disposal and conserve resources. This is sustainability in action and this service should be used in every warehouse.
Michael Hanf - BOXLAB Services Statement
Michael Hanf
CEO, TZL-TechnologieZentrum Ludwigshafen am Rhein GmbH / Regionales Innovationszentrum Ludwigshafen
BOXLAB Services has been a prime example of a success story since moving into TZL. I am happy to serve companies like BOXLAB Services and actively help them grow.
Hilar Altenhofer
Packing material consulting, BASF SE
BOXLAB Services has developed a sustainable solution to fill a gap in the SupplyChain. Everyone who deals with packaging and labels should take advantage of this unique service. Cost saving and sustainable business in a holistic context - all from one source.
Dr. Till Schmidberger
Process Manager, BASF SE
BOXLAB Services offers us a solution to the challenge that packaging materials and labels can actually be ordered with minimum order quantities. And in the case of minor damage, additional costs and unnecessary waste can be avoided.

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There are no stupid questions

Do you really offer all your products from quantity 1?

Yes. At BOXLAB Services, we don’t believe in making promises we can’t keep. That is why we offer all our products in quantities of 1 or more, if it makes sense. We always discuss the desired requirements with our customers and offer an individual service for each customer.

Does shipping really only take 24 hours?

Yes, our cooperation with DHL Express guarantees delivery within 24 hours from the time the package is handed over to the service provider. However, this does not mean that we – even if we try our best – can deliver in 24 hours from the order. Likewise, deliveries may be delayed in individual cases due to traffic jams, accidents or similar events beyond our control.

Why do I need a customer account to order?

We are a pure B2B company and in addition to our labels we offer many individualized services, which are preceded by different onboarding processes. Therefore, these services and other products can currently only be ordered with a customer account in the online store. However, if you have a short-term need for our products, this is by no means an obstacle: we also accept orders by e-mail or phone.

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Just contact us, we will find a solution!

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I have received a defective product, what now?

Rest assured that it is always our concern to supply you with the correct article in the usual quality. However, if there should be any problems, we are glad about every hint that helps us to become even better. Please contact our quality management directly and we will take care of your concern as soon as possible.

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