August 15, 2022



Relocation 01.09.2022We are moving!

In April we still celebrated our first official birthday and at the beginning of September it is already said:
„We are moving out of our home. Today’s generation is becoming independent and adult much faster.“

But we don’t want to get lost in generational anecdotes. BOXLAB Services moves to 01 September:

Namely, into the spacious business premises of a modern office complex of the company Raschig.
The offer came quite spontaneously, but the decision was made quite quickly. However, this is not least due to the fact that our previous location – the TZL – is a company especially geared towards start-ups, which by its very concept aims at the fact that its tenants will move out sooner or later. Therefore, the topic „new premises“ was dealt with at BOXLAB Services at an early stage anyway and the requirements were defined.

„TZL as the first location during the start-up phase as an active partner in the development stage of regional start-ups was definitely the right choice,“ says Mischa Feig, founder and CEO. „At this point, a special thanks also goes to TZL for the successful first years of BOXLAB Services. It was only through the support of TZL that BOXLAB Services was able to grow and scale in a niche market such as dangerous goods labeling. We will provide a detailed report on our collaboration with TZL in the near future.“

Within the company, we call the fact that our new premises now fully correspond to the new ideas differently: there is talk of „happy coincidence“, „a twist of fate“, „at the right time in the right (new) place“, but of course everyone is individually free to call it as they see fit.

Lisa Ruffing, COO and founder describes the situation as follows: „As a tenant, you can only use the TZL as a designated technology center for startups for a limited time, so we have been dealing with the issue of new premises since the beginning. The rooms we have now rented fully meet our expectations. The employees will find a modern working environment and the conditions for storing and handling our products are ideal.“

BOXLAB Services moves in any case and therefore officially on 01.09.2022 the new premises at

Mundenheimer Str. 100
67061 Ludwigshafen am Rhein

The hard facts about the site:

  • over 300sqm distributed on two levels
  • basement/basement: 80sqm storage area incl. access ramp
  • First floor: 130sqm offices and picking area
  • Location: on the premises of the Raschig company, less than 5 minutes drive from TZL
  • Other: parking facilities for employees and guests available

The move also promotes the possibilities to develop and test new products due to the circumstances. For BOXLAB Services, this is an important line of business, as BOXLAB Services is not a classic supplier of labels, but first and foremost a service provider that takes a customer-specific view of the entire supply chain process chain and develops solutions for the areas of procurement, storage, handling and disposal.

Some of our newest products that we will soon be offering to our customers in final form include:

BOXLAB Services - Sicherheitsetiketten


Security labels custom printable for many applications.

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Certified label material + Uniform layout throughout the company

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BOXLAB Services - IBC


Order standardized and pre-labeled IBCs from BOXLAB Services.

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BOXLAB Services Fass - Gefahrgutfass


Order standardized and pre-labeled drums from BOXLAB Services.

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