The history of BOXLAB ServicesBecause problems need to be addressed.
April 2018

Mischa Feig with the brilliant idea

Mischa Feig was an employee of BASF SE for many years. From 2014-2018, he worked as a process manager in the area of crop protection. During this time, he increasingly noticed that within the logistics process in the area of plant protection, there was a recurring problem. This was the highly regulated packaging materials used for hazardous goods. Because, albeit sporadically

damage to the transport cartons occurred time and again, which ultimately led to the product not being allowed to be shipped any further due to the regulations. Up to now, there has been no uniform and effective solution for adequate replacement. How the products in such a carton were handled often depended on those responsible for the warehouse.

August 2018


After identifying this problem and the associated consequences, Mischa developed the process that led to being able to provide short-term replacements for damaged cardboard boxes. This is an ambitious goal, considering that for the crop protection sector alone, it can involve a high double-digit number of different types of cartons, including up to three individualized labels, and that the service must be available in more than 20 countries throughout Europe. In order to be able to set up this process so professionally, Mischa and his co-founder at the time, Jens, pitched the idea to BASF’s own incubator Chemovator – with success!

Januar 2019

Impressively convincing. Launch of the BOXLAB venture.

A team was formed at Chemovator to optimize the process of providing labeled cardboard boxes to BASF and affected warehouses throughout Europe. The result is nothing less than impressive: BOXLAB Services manages to replace a damaged cardboard box with all labels, including serial number-based, individual track & trace labels, within one day across Europe.

March 2019

Erster Umsatz mit etikettierten Kartonagen bei BASF.

Die konsequente Umsetzung des Services etikettierte Kartonagen zuverlässig innerhalb eines Tages in gleicher Qualität beeindruckt letztlich auch die Verantwortlichen innerhalb der BASF. Dieses Vertrauen in das Chemovator Venture schaffte die Grundlage für erste Rahmenverträge und damit verbundene erste Umsätze für BOXLAB Services.

April 2019

Moving into the TZL - Regional Innovation Center Ludwigshafen

With the first firm commitments from BASF, BOXLAB Services faced another challenge. In order to actually be able to supply more than 50 warehouses in more than 15 countries with labeled cardboard boxes for numerous different products within one day, the premises of the Chemovator are no longer sufficient by far. In order to meet the high demands of all parties involved, the company moved into the „Regional Innovation Center Ludwigshafen – TZL“ without further ado and after good discussions.

May 2020

Formation of the founding team & launch of the Placard service

With the move out of the Chemovator, the next logical step follows one year later, which is operationally successful. In order to be able to act independently on the market, the spin-off of the start-up is aimed for and, in the first step, a competent founding team is set up. Among them: Mischa Feig, Lisa Ruffing, Marcel Schütz. At the same time, placards in quantities of 1 or more are added to the portfolio as a further service.

Dezember 2020 - April 2021

Spin-off of BOXLAB Services GMbh

BOXLAB Services GmbH is the first startup to celebrate its spin-off from BASF SE. The founders Mischa Feig and Lisa Ruffing set high goals for themselves:
„Our goal is to make logistics processes more efficient and sustainable and to avoid the destruction of undamaged products due to damaged outer packaging. „In this way, our customers can save resources and focus on their core business.“ In addition, the team aims to optimize labels and packaging processes for its customers in the future and implement innovative solutions with a clear focus on sustainability in a fast and agile manner. In line with the motto: fast.sustainable.easy.

July 2021


BOXLAB Services expanded its cooperation with the TZL after just over a year and rented additional rooms in order to be able to cope with the scaling of its business. This included 2 rooms in the basement with about 36sqm, which serve as storage. The new warehouse space was also rented in anticipation of a growing team and already planned product releases within the next 12 months.

October - November 2021


In Q4 2021, the focus was on adding logical – and useful – additions to the product portfolio. These included versatile thermal transfer ribbons as well as hazard labels in the standard 100x100mm format as a supplementary offering for customers in the hazardous goods sector. In addition, the innovative 2in1 and 3in1 danger labels were developed and added to the portfolio.


Beginning of 2022


After BOXLAB Services labeled cardboard boxes, the second complete system solution will be launched. With BIO-Cleaner (no hazardous material!) BOXLAB Squeegee and BOXLAB Safety Scraper BOXLAB Services pleases the users at loading and unloading points of hazardous goods, as well as hazardous goods officers and drivers. The system solution saves valuable time at both the departure and arrival points. In addition, the safety of the placards and warning signs attached to the respective means of transport is increased. With the BOXLAB Services system solution for hazardous goods labels, loose or dropped labels are finally a thing of the past.

September 2022


A little more than one year after the foundation of BOXLAB Services GmbH, the first big change is already in the (new) house. On 01 September 2022 BOXLAB Services GmbH moved into its new premises in Mundenheimer Str. 100, 67061 Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

The step into new premises was the logical development of the company for BOXLAB Services. Due to the past growth, the rooms rented in the TZL Technology Center Ludwigshafen became too small for the operational handling of the business.

October 2022


BOXLAB Services has launched its new open online shop for dangerous goods labels on 04.10.2022. From now on, interested corporate customers can create their own account, view current net sales prices and place orders.

Extensive filter options quickly guide you to the desired standard label in the correct hazard class. Simply enter the number of pieces and place your order. For individual imprinting in placards and warning signs, the information can simply be entered in the shopping cart. BOXLAB Services will take care of the rest.


October 2022


The traditional company HERMA and BOXLAB Services have entered into a long-term cooperation in the field of hazardous goods labels. BOXLAB Services will take over the operational handling of HERMA’s hazardous goods label business. In times when flexibility and just-in-time can increasingly become a competitive advantage, the services of BOXLAB Services offer HERMA’s customers additional benefits while maintaining the highest quality.

Labels from the cooperation with HERMA are also available in the new, open online store of BOXLAB Services.