we take sustainability seriously.Focus on sustainability in every single process step
Sustainability as a central goal

Sustainability in focus

Since the beginning of BOXLAB Services, sustainability has been at the core of the company’s activities. BOXLAB Services tries to make a significant contribution to environmental protection by consistently focusing on sustainability and climate protection in every internal process step as well as in the products and services.
We do this in various ways.

Less disposal, less storage space

Services save the products from disposal.

During its time at the Chemovator, BOXLAB Services was able to save more than 50,000 liters of end product from downtime or disposal through replacement deliveries of labeled cardboard boxes alone. In addition, over the next two years, other services were established that massively reduced waste and disposal costs. These include our reusable shipping boxes as well as the return and targeted recycling of label carrier paper.

Return of backing paper and shipping cartons

Introduction of sustainable processes

At BOXLAB Services, we always think sustainability in cycles and across the entire process, which is why we implemented reusable shipping boxes for our placards into our logistics process early on. These can be returned to us and reused. As a result, some of the cartons make it to over 10 tours. In addition, we strive to return components of lower products to us or to the manufacturer in order to recycle them properly. We do this, for example, with backing paper for our labels.

Shortest paths for minimum CO2 impact

regional suppliers and electromobility

BOXLAB Services attaches great importance to a sustainable supply chain. We do this not least to avoid long transport routes and the associated CO2 emissions as far as possible. Therefore, we source all our labels from Germany, if possible from producers in the immediate vicinity. For this reason, we also personally deliver to customers who are located in our immediate vicinity with our emission-free electric car.

Concrete measures

We are pleased naturally.

Im ersten Jahr als selbstständiges Unternehmen feierten wir unser Weihnachten ganz im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit. Anstelle von kulinarischen Präsentboxen für unsere Partner spendeten wir den Gegenwert einer solch typischen Geschenkbox an PLANT-MY-TREE®. Dadurch konnten wir in diesem Jahr 100 Bäume in Rheinland-Pfalz pflanzen. Wir freuen uns über diesen Erfolg und das damit einhergegangene positive Feedback und planen daher, auch künftig vergleichbare Situationen zum Anlass zu nehmen, etwas Sinnvolles für unsere Umwelt oder die Gemeinschaft zu tun.