BOXLAB Services & HERMAConcentrated competence in hazardous goods labeling
The long-established company HERMA and BOXLAB Services have entered into a long-term cooperation in the field of hazardous goods labels. BOXLAB Services takes over the operational processing of HERMA's hazardous goods labels. HERMA customers have additional advantages with consistently high quality.
Qualitative products & expert knowledge

Your advantages - even before the first order

Holistic process consulting

We advise on everything from order writing and warehousing to handling and disposal.

Conversion to uniform standards

Different products are transferred into one standard and additionally supplemented with services.

Questioning and reviewing

Together, we reflect at regular intervals on the work we have done in order to continue to improve and to discover and use new potential.

Legal security through know-how

We work with numerous practical users and dangerous goods consultants and pass on our expertise to each customer individually.

The product portfolio

high quality hazardous goods labels mean: Avoid one danger in advance.

The Herma product portfolio fulfills a wide range of diverse legal requirements such as ADR, IMDG, ADN, RID, DGR, IATA and other regulations. This also applies to individually reprinted labels from BOXLAB Services. Printing in certified printers with the appropriate ink even continues to meet the seawater resistance BS 5609 Section 3. Thus, you receive all the labels you need for your dangerous goods transport, individualized in the highest quality from a single source. And that from quantity 1, in just 24 hours if required.


Gefahrzettel Beispiele Boxlab Service - Gefahrgutetiketten Gefahrstoffetiketten

Hazard label

Hazard labels from BOXLAB Services are available from a quantity of 1. We are happy to deliver larger quantities on a roll. Also available from BOXLAB Services are the clever and practical combinations of 2 and 3 Hazard labels combined in one label.

  • 100x100mm on a roll
  • Seawater resistant to BS 5609 Section III
  • All hazard classes / print templates possible
  • Also available in a combination of 2 and 3



Placards Beispiele Boxlab Service - Gefahrgutetiketten Gefahrstoffetiketten


With our placards you get the highest quality, individuality and services that are not customary in the market for every order. Our placards can all be customized, comply with all current legal regulations (seawater resistance according to BS 5609 Section III) and all from a quantity of 1 and 24h express delivery.

  • 25x25cm placard dangerous goods labels (dangerous goods placards)
  • All other placards up to size DIN A3
  • Delivery in sustainable reusable cardboard box
  • Individualized (incl. UN number)



Orangene Warntafeln Beispiele Boxlab Service - Gefahrgutetiketten Gefahrstoffetiketten

Orange warning plate labels

Seawater-resistant orange warning plate labels in the standard format 400x300mm – individual imprint possible.

  • Seawater resistant film, conforming to BS5609 Section 3
  • Specification: 400x300mm landscape film label
  • Gluing temperature: from -5°C
  • Individual impression possible from quantity 1


Labeled packaging

Individual, pre-labeled replacement dangerous goods boxes incl. all required labels. In 24h from a quantity of 1.

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Dangerous goods labels

Individual formats and printing of various labels. Highest quality and flexibility from a quantity of 1 in 24h.

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Tools to attach

Practical tools for legally compliant pre-cleaning and attaching hazardous goods labels to a wide variety of surfaces.

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Tools to remove

With our injury-free safety scraper, you can quickly and safely remove old placards from their substrate.

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    Hazard label

    Hazard label

    Which classes do you need? (incl. subclasses)

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    Which classes do you need? (incl. subclasses)

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    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 5.1 indiv. UN-Nummer, 250x250mm
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 4 - Spontaneously Combustible
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 4 - Flammable Solid
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 4 - individualisierbar
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 6
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 9 - individualisierbar
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 9 - UN 3082
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 4 - Dangerous when wet
    BOXLAB Services-Placards-EHSM, 250x250mm
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 8 - individualisierbar
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 2 Non Flammable Non Toxic Gas
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 2 indiv. UN-Nummer, 250x250mm
    BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 8 Corrosive
    BOXLAB Services and HERMA

    Common values

    In addition to our enthusiasm for labels and packaging materials, HERMA and BOXLAB Services also share the same values. Especially in the area of sustainability, both companies are always committed and place all corporate decisions under this.
    This is precisely why both companies have signed a mutual code of conduct.

    Our partner


    Your individual numbering range, fixed or consecutive, all barcode types, on rolls:


    Superior adhesion on many surfaces, making sure your packages get there:

    HERMA shipping and pallet labels

    Material and format tailored to your application, for all printing systems:


    Flexible, individual, contactless – product identification directly in the process:

    HERMA laser-activatable labels

    Linerless labels without backing paper – reduce waste and protect the environment:

    HERMA InNoLiner linerless labels

    Seawater-resistant, made of stretchable film, for printing with your colour laser printer:

    HERMA standard blank labels for GHS

    HERMA produces labels according to your specifications – to suit your application!

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    Advanced Topics

    Expertise at the push of a button

    Dangerous Goods Labels: Placards

    Placards are square, diamond-shaped stickers for dangerous goods transport and are attached standing up. The color and number of the danger label usually indicates the dangerous goods class.

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    Hazardous substance labels: Hazard labels

    Hazard labels are small, rectangular markings for transported goods that contain hazardous substances. They are usually in the 100x100mm format and indicate the risk potential of the transported goods

    learn more

    Attach dangerous goods labels correctly

    The entire and proven BOXLAB process always starts with the correct preparation and cleaning of the surface. Because even the best ADR-compliant placards can only develop their adhesion to a limited extent on dirty surfaces.

    learn more

    Remove hazardous goods labels safely

    Once legally attached, seawater resistant placards often become a challenge when it comes to removing and disposing of them. Our plastic scraper will help you peel the placard off the substrate.

    learn more