Mai 17, 2022


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Here's how: Attaching dangerous goods labels

After we put our system solution for hazardous goods labels through its paces on March 7 and documented it with pictures and video at the same time, we are now finished with the post-processing and have given everything a respectable look.

Read the entire placard instructions in detailed form on our website

Read instructions

Download our placard instructions as print file in DIN A4 format

DIN A4 download

Our placard instructions – short and concise in under a minute as a video

Watch tutorial

Our Placards Starter Kits. With 50 placards, 1x BIO cleaner, 1x squeegee, 1x scraper.


For our customers and everyone who has to deal with dangerous goods transports, placards or labels of any kind, we now offer a short and concise guide for the correct application and removal of dangerous goods labels. Because – we never tire of pointing it out – dangerous goods labels are much more than labels.

Labels must comply with numerous legal regulations. And not only under laboratory conditions. Seawater certification, for example, even according to the strict BS 5609 Section III, which our BOXLAB labels meet, the placards cannot be applied to the container if it has not been cleaned appropriately beforehand, or if the placard has been applied too tentatively or with air bubbles.

Seawater certification alone, which our BOXLAB labels naturally meet, is not enough to be on the safe side when handling placards. If, for example, the substrate is not cleaned appropriately before application or the placard is applied too tentatively or with air bubbles, there is a risk that it will not adhere sufficiently. The strict durability rules are not adhered to in this way.

Therefore, in addition to the highest quality standards for the product itself, a correspondingly uniform procedure is also required for labeling.

All in one box

Our BOXLAB Starter Kits

BOXLAB Services offers you practical tools for this purpose, enabling you to carry out the labeling process with the same quality every time. And best of all, the process is optimized not only in terms of quality but also in terms of time. For example, despite pre-cleaning and the use of a squeegee to apply the label correctly, it takes hardly any more time than if you tried to stick the placard on directly.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit Placards EHSM


50,00 €

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  • 50x Placards
  • 1x Scraper incl. 10 blades
  • 1x Bio Cleaner
  • 1x Squeegee

Starter Kit


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  • Individual Labels
  • 1x Scraper incl. blades
  • 1x BIO Cleaner
  • 1x Squeegee
Applicable to many BOXLAB products

Hazard labels, placards, warning signs, individual labels, security labels

In addition, the process and tools can also be used on conventional labels. Due to the material-protecting nature of the safety scraper and our BOXLAB cleaner, which is based on bio-alcohol, these products can be used on a wide variety of substrates, even sensitive ones, without any bends.

Possible applications therefore include:

Window labeling, vehicle foiling or similar.