June 23, 2022


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This is how it is doneREMOVE OLD PLACARDS
Occupational safety in real life

Removing placards becomes a Hercules task

At BOXLAB Services, we think holistically in all our system solutions. That’s why we offer our hazard-free safety scraper, a unique tool that allows you to easily remove placards from containers or other surfaces.

Once installed in compliance with the law, seawater-resistant placards often become a challenge when it comes to removing and disposing of them. In many cases, this is not possible by hand.

Therefore, our plastic scraper creates a surface for you to grasp with your hand to pull the placard off the substrate. Compared to the „home remedies“ commonly used in practice, the safety scraper is injury-free and has already passed internal risk assessments with several customers.

Schritt für Schritt

Placards entfernen leicht gemacht

Remove old blade
of the plastic scraper

The plastic blades of our hazard-free plastic scraper are very durable. If a blade does need to be replaced, simply push it out of the holder with your thumb from top to bottom.

Insert new blade
into the scraper

Once you have used the blade, you can turn it 180 degrees and use it again. Insert the new plastic blade into the plastic scraper from the bottom up and press the blade into the holder of the scraper.

Check seat
of the blade

Briefly test whether the blade is inserted correctly. To do this, you can simply grasp the blade with two fingers and try to move it. If the blade is firmly seated, the scraper is ready for use on the placard.

the scraper

Place the scraper at a flat angle on the bottom corner of the placard. Use the ergonomic shape of the scraper and position your thumb in the area provided for this purpose.

attack surface

Now press the scraper with a little pressure under the edge of the poster to create an attack surface of approx. 2-3cm height that you can grip. Depending on the age of the poster, the required pressure may be stronger or weaker.

Peel off the
placard by hand

Now grasp the exposed bottom corner of the placard and carefully pull it vertically upwards off the surface. Try to remove the placard in one piece if possible.

Pull placard vertically
from container

Make sure to stand frontally in front of the placard and detach the placard from the container at an angle between 45 and 90 degrees.

the force

If it is necessary to use more force in the area of the center of the placard to release the placard, decrease the angle at which you release the placard. You can also use two hands.

Peel off placard
in stripes

If the adhesive has hardened too much or the placard cannot be removed in one piece, pull off the placard in strips. After each strip, create a contact surface again with the plastic scraper.

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