Placards far more than just a label.
Dangerous goods labels are square, diamond-shaped stickers for the transport of dangerous goods and are affixed upright on the top. The color and number of the hazard label usually indicates the class of dangerous goods. Placards are used to identify dangerous goods.


With placards from BOXLAB Services you are always on the safe side. All our placards are available in standard 250 x 250mm format and are qualitatively above ADR requirements. BOXLAB labels for outdoor dangerous goods labeling have seawater resistance according to BS 5609 Section III and are fully customizable.

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Product data

  • 25x25cm placard labels (dangerous goods placards)
  • All other placards up to size DIN A3
  • Delivery in sustainable reusable cardboard box
  • Individualized (incl. UN number)
  • Delivery within 24h/48h (Europe/Worldwide)

Product advantages

  • On-demand solution
  • Reduction of storage volume by up to 90%.
  • Sustainable solution due to waste reduction
  • No temperature controlled storage necessary
  • Compliance with all legal requirements
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 3 - UN 1156
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 6
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 4 - Spontaneously Combustible
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 2 Non Flammable Non Toxic Gas
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 4 - Flammable Solid
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 4 - Dangerous when wet
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 9 - UN 3082
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 5.1 indiv. UN-Nummer, 250x250mm
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 8 - individualisierbar
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 2 indiv. UN-Nummer, 250x250mm
BOXLAB Services-Placards-Limited Quantity (LQ), 250x250mm
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 2 - Flammable gas
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 8 Corrosive
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 4 - individualisierbar
BOXLAB Services-Placards-EHSM, 250x250mm
BOXLAB Services-Placards Klasse 9 - individualisierbar
A simple routine for BOXLAB customers.

BOXLAB SYSTEM SOLUTIONS - fits every customer.

Invaluable for rescue forces in an emergency, rather an annoying necessity in everyday life. BOXLAB Services‘ system solution for placards puts an end to this dichotomy. With dangerous goods labels of the highest quality and useful tools for removing old placards and attaching new ones, working with hazardous material stickers becomes a simple routine. So that placards are no longer just perceived as part of an annoying regulation.

Already from lot size 1

We deliver our dangerous goods labels, even individualized ones, in quantities as low as 1. This guarantees you as a BOXLAB Services customer the greatest possible flexibility in your daily processes and allows you to massively reduce your storage space and costs. On the one hand, this concerns the pure space, of course, but on the other hand also storage conditions. BOXLAB Services‘ on-demand deliveries make temperature-controlled warehouses obsolete.

24 hours express delivery

Due to our unique service to also deliver individualized placards from quantity 1 and within 24h all over Europe, placards that have been stored for years in some cases and the associated uncertainties when attaching them or when placards fall off during transport are a thing of the past. With BOXLAB’s service, we guarantee that you will never have more than one day of downtime, even in the greatest of emergencies.

Custom printable

Low price, 24h express delivery, from quantity 1, seawater resistance according to BS 5609 section III. What more does a dangerous goods officer want? That’s right: individuality.
If you need individually printed placards, BOXLAB is the right address. We will gladly insert your desired UN numbers into the ADR compliant position of the respective placard. If you insist on your own placard design, we can also easily reproduce this in our printing process.



For us, placards are much more than just labels. That’s why applying a placard is not just about sticking it on. The entire and proven BOXLAB process always begins with the correct preparation and cleaning of the surface. Because even the best placards can only develop their adhesive power to a limited extent on dirty surfaces. In the worst case, this can even lead to the placard no longer complying with legal requirements in this condition.


Unser Starter Kit "Placards"

Starter Kit

Starter Kit Placards EHSM


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  • 50x Placards
  • 1x Scraper incl. 10 blades
  • 1x Bio Cleaner
  • 1x Squeegee

Starter Kit


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  • Individual Labels
  • 1x Scraper incl. blades
  • 1x BIO Cleaner
  • 1x Squeegee