July 19, 2023


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Welcome to BOXLAB Services, your expert for dangerous goods labels and accessories. As a dangerous goods expert, we pride ourselves on offering our customers not only high-quality products, but also tailor-made solutions and innovations. To showcase our unique products, we have recently introduced the product badge „exclusive“ on our webshop In this blog post, as a dangerous goods expert, I would like to give you a detailed insight into some of our exclusive items and introduce you to the benefits you will only find with us.

Die Kennzeichnung ist im Bereich von Gefahrguttransporten ein fester Bestandteil. Hier wird in verschiedene Klassifizierungen eingeteilt, aber ebenso wichtig wie die Kennzeichnung beim Transport, sind auch die Entsorgung und Rückführung der Verpackungen, sowie die Art der Abfälle im Allgemeinen. Ist das Gebinde leer, müssen auch hier viele Vorschriften beachtet werden, wenn es zuvor als Gefahrgut klassifiziert war. Der Transport der leeren ungereinigten Behälter ist gemäß ADR-Vorschriften ebenfalls genau geregelt, wie auch der Gefahrguttransport an sich. Denn auch kleine Restmengen bedeuten potenzielle Gefahren für alle Beteiligten, dies schließt jegliche Stoffe und Flüssigkeiten mit ein, von ätzend bis entzündlich oder umweltgefährdend.


3in1 Gefahrzettel Abmessungen: 200x200mm (gestanzt)

3in1 Hazard Labels

Efficiency and convenience: Our 3in1 hazard label combinations are an outstanding innovation in the world of dangerous goods labelling. By combining different hazard classes on a single label, you save valuable labelling time. Our unique design complies with all regulations and ensures clear labelling. By using our exclusive 3in1 hazard label combinations, you optimise your processes, avoid errors and increase the efficiency of your dangerous goods labelling.


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Environmentally friendly and effective: Our exclusive BOXLAB BIO cleaner is an environmentally friendly solution for pre-cleaning before labelling hazardous goods. This cleaning agent is not itself a hazardous substance and yet meets all the requirements for effective cleaning. By using BOXLAB BIO-Cleaner, you not only reduce your environmental impact, but also ensure safe and clean labelling. This exclusive product offers you the assurance that you are acting in an environmentally conscious manner with your labelling processes, while at the same time meeting the highest standards.

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Special StarterKits

Everything you need to get started: Our special StarterKits are the perfect solution for customers looking for a comprehensive introduction to the world of dangerous goods labelling. Each kit contains the 1st editions of the current editions of the ADR RID or IMDG codes, which serve as indispensable guides for the safe transport of dangerous goods. You also get a complete BOXLAB system solution that includes all the tools and resources you need for correct labelling and safe transport. Our exclusive StarterKits offer you the opportunity to save time and effort, as you receive all the necessary regulations and tools in one package.

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As an innovative supplier of dangerous goods labels, accessories and customised solutions, we at BOXLAB Services strive to offer our customers exclusive products and solutions. Our new „exclusive“ product badge on highlights these unique items that you can only find from us. From the innovative 3in1 Danger Label Combinations to the environmentally friendly BOXLAB BIO Cleaner and the comprehensive StarterKits, we offer everything you need for effective dangerous goods management. Don’t miss the chance to discover these exclusive products and take your business to the next level. Visit our webshop today and experience what it means to have products that are only available from us!


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But it’s not just about our products, it’s also about exceptional services and features that make our webshop a comprehensive platform for your dangerous goods management. Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected not only in our unique products, but also in the diverse added values we offer you. From individual system solutions to a user-friendly ordering process and first-class customer service – we always strive to exceed your expectations.

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