July 26, 2022


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Damaged packing material

The bad news par excellence

Days of downtime in the warehouse due to damaged goods or packaging. Few people would not feel a chill run down their spine at this scenario. It is therefore all the more astonishing that no one has addressed this problem since the introduction of transport regulations for hazardous goods.

The problem

Hardly manageable for warehouses

As good and sensible as the regulations are, the more regulations there are, the faster it happens that not all of them are fulfilled. For example, it is enough if a carton on a pallet loses its label, has a hole or a tear, or the special parcel tape is loose – and the pallet as a whole may no longer be shipped. Depending on the transport company and internal regulations, this can also affect an entire shipment. In other words: the truck remains empty.

Particularly in the area of hazardous materials, this can quickly amount to a value of goods of several tens of thousands of euros, some of which are shipped according to the „just-in-time“ principle and are thus either needed promptly by the end customer – or not at all. The overall economic damage can therefore be massive.

The solution

We want to address this problem

Last but not least, in addition to the economic backgrounds mentioned above, sustainability was also a major motivation. After all, many of the products that are no longer shipped are disposed of as hazardous waste. And this despite the fact that these products are still intact. BOXLAB Services‘ industry-first solution allows existing customers to simply photograph the damaged packaging units in the warehouse and scan the labels. The data is transmitted to BOXLAB Services, where the labels, including individualized tracking codes, are reprinted and applied to the appropriate packaging. Thanks to express shipping, the damaged packaging unit can be replaced in the warehouse the very next day. Disposals are basically eliminated completely.

The innovation

Our service offer

The actual innovation is the individual printing of labels from quantity 1. And 1-click ordering within the app by simply scanning simplifies the process enormously for the customer. For the warehouse employee, the order is completed within a few moments. The additional service of providing and pre-labeling the appropriate packaging materials offers customers a further advantage.

Our offer

As individual as our customers

In addition to labeled cardboard boxes, other combinations and packaging materials can also be added to the portfolio on a customer-specific basis:

Labeled cardboard boxes + security label (optional)

BOXLAB Services - IBC

Labeled IBC + safety label (optional)

BOXLAB Services Fass - Gefahrgutfass

Labeled barrels + security label (optional)

Individual combinations

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