April 4, 2023


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33. Münchner Gefahrgut-Tage15. - 17. May 2023

Just like last year, BOXLAB Services will be on site again as an exhibitor for you. In addition to our individualized dangerous goods labels, such as placards, danger labels and warning signs, we will also present our system solutions around the topics of dangerous goods labels and packaging materials.

At the same time, in addition to new products, we will also be presenting new products exclusively for the events, which are currently still in the test phase. So don’t miss this first insight into the new product variety of BOXLAB Services and visit us at the Munich Dangerous Goods Days and at our new online store, which is open for all corporate customers since the end of 2022.

Our most popular products

Dangerous goods labels

Dangerous goods labels play an important role in the labeling of dangerous goods. They are used to warn people of the potential hazards that can arise from certain goods, especially during transport. Dangerous goods labels must be designed in accordance with international regulations and standards to ensure that they are uniform and understandable.

Hazard label

Hazard labels in the format 100x100mm. Can also be individualized and ordered as a combination of 2 or 3.



Placards in 250x250mm format. The placards are customizable and comply with BS 5609 Section III.


Orange Plates

Seawater resistant orange warning signs in standard format 400x300mm – Individual imprint possible.



Individually printed labels in various standard formats. Highest quality and flexibility from quantity 1.


Our most popular products

Tools and accessories

Our tools, such as our injury-free safety scraper, our BIO cleaner or the BOXLAB squeegee, are much more than they appear at first glance. They are equal parts of our system solutions, facilitate the labeling process and ensure legally compliant results.


Effortlessly remove dirt, dust and grease residues with our BOXLAB BIO cleaner. BIO base, no hazardous substance.


BOXLAB Squeegee

Made of recycled material, the squeegee allows you to apply new placards with the required contact pressure without bubbles.


Safety scrapers

With our practical, injury-free safety scraper, you can remove old placards quickly and safely from their base.


Our newest products

Technical Literature Starter Kits

Get the practical BOXLAB Starter Kits and convince yourself of our quality. In addition to samples of hazardous goods labels such as placards or hazard labels, you will receive a practical safety scraper for removing old labels incl. hazard assessment, our BOXLAB BIO cleaner, for fast and optimal cleaning of surfaces, as well as a practical squeegee for bubble-free application of new placards or hazard labels for optimal hold. The starter kit is available at an introductory price and is your first step into the world of BOXLAB system solutions for label & packaging processes. Brand new also in combination with the current ADR, IMDG Code or RID 2023!

ADR 2023
Starter Kit

  • 1x ADR 2023 softcover (unit price gross: 54,99€)
  • 100x Hazard label 100x100mm
  • 1x BOXLAB Bio Cleaner
  • 1x BOXLAB squeegee
  • 1x BOXLAB safety scraper
  • Only while stocks last
Now only 59,99€

RID 2023
Starter Kit

  • 1x RID 2023 softcover (unit price gross: 74,99€)
  • 100x Hazard label 100x100mm
  • 1x BOXLAB Bio cleaner
  • 1x BOXLAB squeegee
  • 1x BOXLAB safety scraper
  • Only while stocks last
Now only 79,99€

IMDG-Code 2023
Starter Kit

  • 1x IMDG Code 2023 Softcover (Unit price gross: 199,99€)
  • 100x Hazard label 100x100mm
  • 1x BOXLAB Bio Cleaner
  • 1x BOXLAB squeegee
  • 1x BOXLAB safety scraper
  • Only while stocks last


Now only 204,99€
Our newest products

ISO EN 7010 mark

Safety labeling in accordance with regulations is the basis of functioning occupational safety and serves as an orientation aid for your employees and visitors in the event of emergencies. It is always used when a hazard at the workplace cannot be excluded by technical or organizational measures.

Warning signs

for marking danger spots


Prohibition signs

to point out prohibited behaviors

Mandatory signs

for marking necessary behaviors


About the Munich Dangerous Goods Days:

The Munich Dangerous Goods Days is an annual conference dedicated to the transport of dangerous goods. The event is usually held in the spring and attracts hundreds of professionals from around the world every year.

The conference provides a platform for the exchange of information, experience and best practices in the handling of dangerous goods. A variety of presentations and symposia discuss current issues and challenges in the field of dangerous goods transportation.

Topics covered at the Munich Dangerous Goods Days include the latest regulations and legislation, technologies to improve safety in dangerous goods transportation, and best practices for handling emergencies involving dangerous goods.

This year’s program is available for download here:



The conference also provides a great opportunity for professionals to socialize and expand their network. By sharing ideas and experiences, participants can gain new insights and improve their knowledge and skills in the field of dangerous goods transportation.

Overall, the Munich Dangerous Goods Days provide an important platform for sharing information and building relationships in the field of dangerous goods transportation. Participation in the conference can help improve safety in the handling of dangerous goods and minimize the risks associated with the transport of these goods.

Meet in person

Your personal contact on site

Are you interested in a product presentation or a sample?
We will be happy to help you.


Hard Facts

15. until May 17, 2023

Venue Holiday Inn Munich – City Center Hochstraße 3 81667 Munich Tel: +49 89 4803 6212 S-Bahn station “Rosenheimer Platz”


Participation fee complete offer May 15 to 17, 2023 €1,490

More tickets are available on the event website.


The price includes: + conference participation, digital documents, certificate of participation + visit to the trade exhibition + welcome coffee and refreshments during breaks + lunch and conference drinks + evening event on May 15, 2023 (depending on booking)


Overnight stays are available in the conference hotel at a preferential price of 146 €/single room incl. breakfast. The number of rooms is limited and can be called up under the keyword Dangerous Goods Days 2023 until April 14, 2023

Other accommodation options, e.g. B. (5 minutes walk): Motel One Deutsches Museum Tel: +49 89 444 55580 Novotel Munich City Tel: +49 89 661070


Book your ticket here

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