December 1, 2023


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BOXLAB Services invites youVirtual Chemovator Venture Spotlight

We would like to invite you to an exclusive insight into our innovation journey, presented as part of the Chemovator Venture Spotlight. Dive in with us and discover the groundbreaking development of our company, especially the origin of our idea:
The labeled on-demand cardboard boxes for BASF.

Chemovator Venture Spotlight – Save the date in your calendar!
Date and time: Wednesday, December 13 – 14:00 – 15:00 CET
Place: Online


April 2018:

The origin

It all started with Mischa Feig, a long-time employee of BASF SE. As a process manager in the crop protection division, he noticed a recurring problem – damaged transport cartons for hazardous goods. The solution? Labeled cardboard boxes as an immediate replacement.

August 2018:

Implementation in the Chemovator

Together with his co-founders Jens and Lisa, Mischa developed a process that made it possible to provide these cardboard boxes within 24 hours. This innovative approach was presented at the Chemovator and was well received.

Januar 2019:

Launch of the BOXLAB venture

A team was set up at Chemovator to optimize the process of providing labelled cardboard packaging. BOXLAB Services was able to replace damaged cardboard packaging including individual labels within one day throughout Europe.

Dezember 2020:

The spin-off

BOXLAB Services was spun off from BASF SE after a successful test phase. The aim: to make logistics processes more efficient and protect intact products from being rejected due to damaged outer packaging.

Ab 2020:

A continuation full of innovation and growth!

Discover our success story, which has reached new heights since 2020. From product innovations to the move to larger premises – we’re setting standards in the logistics industry. Dive in and find out more on our history page.


Meet the Speakers:

Mischa Feig, CEO, and Lisa Ruffing, COO

Experience the inspiring stories of Mischa Feig, our CEO, and Lisa Ruffing, our COO. From the Chemovator idea to the founding of BOXLAB Services to the present day, they share insights and experiences on the road to the future of dangerous goods logistics.

Invitation to the Chemovator Venture Spotlight

Discover how BOXLAB Services has revolutionized carton labelling with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. Register now and become part of our innovation journey.

Date: Wednesday, December 13
Time: 14:00 – 15:00 CET
Place: Online