April 12, 2022



This was the LogiChem 2022 in RotterdamEurope's only chemical supply chain conference - with BOXLAB Services.
On March 30, the time had finally come: Our founder and CEO Mischa Feig went to LogiChem 2022 in Rotterdam to pitch the business model of BOXLAB Services in 5 minutes at Dragon's Den. Besides BOXLAB Services, Christian Heinrich - carbmee, Andrew Baird - LogChain and Dr. Bharat Bhardwaj - GoBuyChem also pitched.

BOXLAB Services on tour - Sustainable journey

As is customary at BOXLAB Services, we examine and question all our corporate decisions in the context of sustainability. That’s why, even when planning our travel to and from the Chemical Supply Chain Conference, we chose the most climate-friendly travel method – and thus Deutsche Bahn.

BOXLAB Services - Mischa Feig - LogiChem 2022

Hello, we are BOXLAB Services

The morning of March 30 was dedicated to networking and attending lectures and keynotes. For us as a young company, such opportunities to make new contacts are of enormous importance, also due to the corona-related cancellations of attendance events within the last two years.

LogiChem 2022 Dragons Den

LogiChem Dragon's Den

The highlight and conclusion of the second day were the four Dragon’s Den pitches. In addition to Mischa Feig, three other start-ups pitched their ideas and business models for five minutes each in front of the top-class audience. Buyers, project managers and managers from small and large companies and corporations such as BASF, Evonik, Clariant, DuPont and many more decided on the best and most convincing concept at the end of the pitches.


BOXLAB Services - to the point in five minutes

The BOXLAB pitch used the use case „BASF“ to show how BOXLAB Services managed to reduce costs by 50% and the required storage space for hazardous goods labels by 90% in the long term. On the other hand, he also showed the basic values regarding customer satisfaction, speed, individuality and sustainability of BOXLAB Services. Besides the unique solution to replace damaged dangerous goods cartons one-to-one individually and legally pre-labeled, the strong focus on sustainability in all business decisions of BOXLAB Services without this having a significant impact on the prices was astonishing.

More than a quarter of all votes for BOXLAB Services

After the pitches, the tension was high. The audience in the hall was invited to vote live. After a few minutes, the numbers were transmitted in real time and thrown on the screen.

The final results read as follows:

  1. place – 47% Carbmee
  2. Place – 26% BOXLAB Services
  3. Place – 18% LogChain
  4. Place – 09% GoBuyChem

We congratulate the deserved winner Carbmee, as well as all participating companies.

Nevertheless, we are thrilled with the result for BOXLAB Services!

The speaker Mischa Feig puts it exactly the same way: „More than a quarter of the audience sees the system solutions of BOXLAB Services around the topics of dangerous goods / hazardous material labels and packaging processes as the most promising solution for their own SupplyChain. A – for us – remarkable result, as we are of course aware that just these products and services are at first sight of less importance for some of the attendees due to the business model.“

Carbmee and BOXLAB Services - together sustainable

And yet, 47% of the votes for Carbmee do not come by chance. We at BOXLAB Services also see it that way. The Carbmee concept not only convinced the people in the room, but also us. The Carbmee concept and the BOXLAB Services philosophy are not only a perfect match on paper.  The controlled end-to-end carbon management software solution from Carbmee for determining and estimating Scope 3 emissions is also a way for BOXLAB Services, with its own claim to make business processes as sustainable as possible for us and our customers, to better advance its own goals. Therefore, BOXLAB Services and Carbmee will remain in close contact after LogiChem.


For BOXLAB Services, LogiChem 2022 ended as a complete success with an outstanding result for us in the Dragons Den, many new, valuable contacts and new ideas to further expand our products and services and make them even more sustainable.

Our 5 minutes pitch

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