February 14, 2022


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Risk assessmentof our Placards system solution at BASF SE.
On Wednesday, 09.02.2022, BOXLAB Services GmbH was a guest at the largest chemical company in the world - BASF SE. In the luggage: Our starter kit "Placards" for risk assessment by our customer.

During the appointment, the complete solution for hazardous goods labels was presented in a safe environment on a specially parked container by Mischa Feig, CEO of BOXLAB Services.

In the first step, a BOXLAB placard was applied to a dirty container by hand in the conventional way to demonstrate to what extent the lack of contact pressure and a dirty surface affect the adhesion of the placards.

For comparison, the system solution from BOXLAB Services then came into play – under real conditions, i.e. with gloves on throughout and sometimes in raised or hard-to-reach areas.

The surface to be covered was first cleaned with our BIO cleaner (not a hazardous substance) and briefly dried with a paper towel. A single spraying and wiping is sufficient to remove almost all dirt and grease residues from the surface. Thanks to the high-quality BIO alcohol in the cleaner, it also evaporates in a very short time.

The next step is the actual appearance of our 25x25cm BOXLAB placards (seawater resistant according to BS 5609 Section III) and the BOXLAB squeegee.

Due to the clever design of the backing paper of the labels and the approx. 1cm wide peel-off tab, this process is also no problem even with thick gloves. The placard is detached from the carrier paper at the upper edge, stapled to the container and from now on, with the help of the BOXLAB squeegee, applied to the container without any problems and with sufficient contact pressure.

Last but not least, the BOXLAB plastic scraper was presented to the BASF employees. With this scraper, old placards can be easily removed from the container – even when wearing gloves. The scraper creates a contact surface at the edges of the placard in order to remove the placard in strips from the container. The ingenious thing about it: Due to the fact that these are replaceable plastic blades, there is no risk of injury to the employees, which until now had to be removed with tools that were just at hand, or completely without tools.

Of course, BASF employees were also allowed to get down to business and test the BOXLAB system solution for placards for hazardous goods transports.

The employees went through all steps as demonstrated and were already convinced after a short time of the facilitation by our aids as well as the clearly increased adhesive strength of the placards by a previous cleaning and the correct application with squeegee.

„Our first appointment at BASF was mainly about presenting BOXLAB’s system solution to the safety managers and interested employees and answering their questions. After the changeover from paper and glue labels to ADR-compliant film labels, the introduction of the entire system solution, consisting of placards, BIO cleaner, plastic scraper and squeegee, is the logical consequence for our customer“

says Mischa Feig, BOXLAB CEO and founder.

We are looking forward to the next appointment at BASF to receive the risk assessment and that our system solution will soon be the new standard at BASF and other plants.


For the safety and facilitation of the employees‘ work, for better hazardous goods labeling on the container of the hazardous goods transport – and thus ultimately – for everyone’s safety.

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