March 22, 2024


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Markings for sodium-ion batteries: Multilateral agreement M 354
A groundbreaking development in the world of battery labeling is coming our way with the Multilateral Agreement M 354. According to section 1.5.1 of the ADR, there is a new regulation for the labeling of NATRIUM ION BATTERIES with organic electrolyte, whether loose or packed in equipment. This agreement opens up the possibility of transporting such batteries under specific conditions as UN 3551 NATRIUM ION BATTERIES or UN 3552 NATRIUM ION BATTERIES IN EQUIPMENT or PACKED WITH EQUIPMENT, provided that all relevant construction and testing requirements are met.

The implementation of the agreement requires:

  • Strict compliance with the specific construction and testing requirements for the batteries.
  • The use of safety devices and effective protective measures.
  • Labeling in accordance with the relevant regulations and models.
  • Following the packaging instructions in accordance with the established guidelines.


The advantages of the Multilateral Agreement M 354:

  • Facilitating the transportation of NATRIUM ION BATTERIES under defined conditions.
  • Ensure compliance with design and testing requirements under the Multilateral Agreement.
  • Provide clear labeling and handling of NATRIUM ION BATTERIES during transportation.


In addition to the above provisions, the following points must be observed:

  • Special provisions: The provisions of ADR (Section 3.3.1) refer to the use of SODIUM ION BATTERIES and CELLS instead of LITHIUM ION BATTERIES. Special provisions 188, 230, 310, 348, 376, 377, 384 and 667 apply, reading „sodium ion“ instead of „lithium ion“.
  • Identification: Identification is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Section 5.2.2 and corresponds to the dangerous goods label in accordance with Model 9A. If special provision 188 is applied, the packaging must also be marked with the lithium battery symbol according to Figure of the ADR. It is also permitted to label packaging without specifying the UN number.
  • Packing instructions: Packaging instructions P903, P908, P909, P910, P911, LP903, LP904, LP905 and LP906 from Section of the ADR are applicable, reading „sodium ion“ instead of „lithium ion“.
  • Documentation: The sender must indicate „CARRIAGE IN ACCORDANCE WITH MULTILATERAL AGREEMENT M 354“ on the transport document.
  • Compliance with all other relevant provisions of ADR.

Introduction of the Multilateral Agreement M 354

With the introduction of the Multilateral Convention M354, BOXLAB Services continues to drive progress towards safety and compliance in the transportation of dangerous goods. Our products, such as the M354 Multilateral Convention markings for UN 3551 and UN 3552, are perfectly aligned with the new regulations and help companies to meet the requirements of the Convention. Discover our products in our store now and secure a reliable solution for the transportation of NATRIUM ION BATTERIES in accordance with Multilateral Agreement M354.


Certified material and printing:

Our hazard labels are produced on high quality PP material which offers strong adhesion and high resistance to the harsh conditions encountered during transportation. Printing is carried out in accordance with the strict requirements of BS 5609 Section III, which ensures excellent resistance to seawater. This makes the hazard label not only robust, but also durable and reliable.


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