April 16, 2024


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Discover the 4in1 MultiMark hazard labelEverything you need to know about our latest innovation
At BOXLAB Services, we are always at the forefront of understanding our customers' needs and providing innovative solutions that meet their requirements. Today we are excited to introduce you to our latest innovation: the 4in1 MultiMark hazard label.

The evolution of hazard labeling

In response to our customers‘ growing need for more efficient and cost-effective solutions, we have developed the 4in1 MultiMark hazard label. This product combines four essential elements of hazard labeling on a single label:


Hazard labeling:

Clear and unambiguous labeling of hazards is crucial to ensure safety when handling and transporting dangerous goods.

ADR shipping label:

Our labels comply with ADR regulations and contain the important „Overpack / outer packaging“ note to indicate the proper handling of overpacked dangerous goods.

UN number:

Each label is provided with an individual UN number to enable precise identification of the hazardous goods.

Alignment arrows:

The alignment arrows on the label ensure correct placement and alignment of the packaging during loading, which further increases safety and efficiency.

Availability and ordering

The 4in1 MultiMark hazard label is now available and can be ordered directly from our website.

Our product includes a diverse selection of sample images that illustrate the various dangerous goods classes and the corresponding UN numbers. As standard, we offer the same individual combination of dangerous goods class and UN number twice on one sheet. Customers have the option of ordering several combinations by adding the product to the shopping cart several times or ordering further combinations in increments of 10. To do this, you can specify your desired dangerous goods classes and UN numbers in the comments field when completing the order. We are able to display all classes and UN numbers in order to meet the individual requirements of our customers.


The advantages at a glance

The 4in1 MultiMark hazard label offers numerous advantages for companies that pack and transport hazardous goods:

Time saving:

The combination of several marking elements on one label significantly reduces the labeling effort.

Cost efficiency:

Our product not only offers a more cost-effective alternative to individual labels, but also saves storage space and logistics costs.

Compliance with the regulations:

All labels comply with the applicable regulations and standards for the labeling of hazardous goods packaging.

Improved safety:

The clear marking and alignment arrows help to prevent accidents and misinterpretations and increase safety.


Discover the advantages of the 4in1 MultiMark hazard label today and take a step towards efficiency and safety in the labeling of hazardous goods packaging. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!