December 7, 2023


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BOXLAB Services' sustainable Christmas campaign: Cleaner for Innatura
The festive season is not only a time for giving, but also a time for sustainable action. BOXLAB Services, a pioneer in environmental sustainability and social responsibility, is setting a special example this year. As part of its Christmas campaign, BOXLAB is donating high-quality cleaners to Innatura, a platform that provides charitable organizations with necessary goods.

Donations in kind to Innatura gGmbH

In addition to our already well-known commitment to sustainability, in which a total of 200 trees were planted in Rhineland-Palatinate, we at BOXLAB Services decided this year to donate our BOXLAB BIO cleaner to Innatura gGmbH.

About Innatura

Innatura is a pioneering initiative that is passionately committed to social benefit and environmental protection. As an important interface between companies and non-profit organizations, Innatura is committed to sustainable synergies that promote an environmentally conscious future. The organization acts as a bridge between economic activity and social commitment as well as between ecology and economy. Innatura strives to make social commitment a natural part of sustainable business for companies and recipient organizations. Its commitment to a fairer distribution of resources helps to bring about positive changes in society and shape an environmentally conscious future.

Sustainable use of unsaleable goods:

In addition to product donations, Innatura also passes on new goods that are no longer for sale, for example from overproduction, re-launches or product range changes, to charitable organizations via Innatura. This process is quick, uncomplicated and ensures that the aid arrives exactly where it is urgently needed.

Why cleaners of all things:
Contribution to hygiene in social facilities

Innatura is experiencing high demand for certain products from recipient organizations, particularly in the area of hygiene. Cleaning agents and detergents play a central role in ensuring a clean environment in social facilities. These products are crucial for the care and maintenance of premises, contribute to the personal hygiene of users and are therefore of essential importance.

As BOXLAB Services, we would like to support the important work of Innatura with our BIO cleaners and thus actively contribute to hygiene in social facilities. The BIO cleaner from BOXLAB Services is not only suitable for preparatory cleaning before labeling, but also for cleaning smooth surfaces and effectively removes dirt, dust and grease residues.

The BOXLAB BIO cleaner underlines not only the efficiency but also the environmental friendliness of BOXLAB Services. The cleaner’s bottle is made entirely of recyclate, which underlines the company’s sustainable approach. Manufactured in Germany, the cleaner not only offers optimum cleaning properties, but also uses environmentally friendly materials.

On this occasion: Currently on offer


1x BOXLAB BIO Cleaner


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  • BOXLAB BIO cleaner, 500ml
  • Bottle made entirely of recyclate (recycled plastic)
  • Made in Germany
  • Ideal for cleaning before labelling
  • Removes dirt, dust and grease residue
  • Dissipates quickly in air, allowing for timely labeling

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  • BOXLAB BIO cleaner, 500ml
  • Bottle made entirely of recyclate (recycled plastic)
  • Made in Germany
  • Ideal for cleaning before labelling
  • Removes dirt, dust and grease residue
  • Dissipates quickly in air, allowing for timely labeling
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Why Innatura?

Transparency / Reporting:

As a donor company, innatura provides us with a high level of transparency and detailed insights. The reporting tailored to our company informs us annually about the exact distribution and use of our donated products using specific examples.

Protection of trademarks::

As a partner, Innatura guarantees that our donations in kind only reach charitable organizations. Quality controls and clear terms and conditions ensure that each order is used in accordance with the statutes.

Recipient organizations:

In our partnership with innatura, we benefit from audited recipient organizations. Each organization is checked for its charitable status and activities during registration. In addition, innatura carries out random checks to ensure the proper use of the donations in kind received.

Additional information about BOXLAB Services:
EcoVadis Gold-Certification:

The EcoVadis Gold certification for BOXLAB Services is not just an award, but a milestone on the road to a more sustainable future. By working with EcoVadis-certified companies like BOXLAB Services, you can not only improve your sustainability practices, but also make a real positive impact.


Your contact person

If you have any questions, suggestions or interest in our sustainability initiative, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our philosophy

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