Mai 5, 2023


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New cooperation with FISACONBOXLAB Services and FISACON cooperate to distribute the RACLAN Box - a transport and charging box for lithium batteries.

BOXLAB Services and FISACON cooperate to distribute the RACLAN Box – a specially developed transport and charging box for lithium batteries that meets the highest safety requirements and is tested and certified by DMT (TÜV NORD). This cooperation offers companies that regularly need to transport or charge lithium batteries a great opportunity to access a reliable and cost-effective solution. BOXLAB Services is an experienced packaging solutions provider with an extensive network of customers in various industries, while FISACON is a German engineering and manufacturing company.

Through the collaboration, customers can now purchase the RACLAN Box directly from BOXLAB Services and also order the necessary hazard labels and individualised labels to simplify the ordering process and comply with transport and safety regulations. Customers benefit from the expertise of both companies and receive comprehensive support in selecting the right packaging solution and complying with transport regulations. In addition, the RACLAN Box provides an important safety solution for handling lithium batteries and helps companies to make their transport processes safer.

If you are looking for a reliable and safe transport solution for lithium batteries, the RACLAN Box from BOXLAB Services and FISACON is an excellent choice. Order today and benefit from the comprehensive support and advantages offered by this cooperation.



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  • Extinguishing and cooling system
  • Can be used in
    closed rooms
  • Environmentally friendly
    extinguishing agent
  • Real fire and
    explosion test
    by DMT (TÜV NORD)
  • Emergency power supply

Hazard Labels

ADR SV 188

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  • ADR compliant
  • Format: 100x100mm
  • Sheets or rolls
  • Seawater resistant acc. to
    BS 5609 Section III
  • Resistant from -40 to +60 °C
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)


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  • Blattware
  • Verschiedene Formate verfügbar
  • PE Material
  • Stark haftend
  • Individualisierbar