June 7, 2024


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BOXLAB label spray adhesiveThe solution for particularly stubborn labeling problems
You asked for it - we deliver it! The BOXLAB label spray adhesive is now here and will solve your labeling problems even under the toughest conditions.

The BOXLAB approach: perfect preparation and high-quality materials

Since our foundation, we at BOXLAB have attached great importance to the entire labeling process. Our aim is to achieve optimum adhesion without the use of spray adhesive or glue. Spray adhesive entails certain risks, as it is itself a hazardous substance and incurs additional costs. It also contaminates the substrate, collects more dirt and makes the surface uneven. This impairs the adhesive strength of labels when they are subsequently re-labeled. The more often and more spray adhesive is used, the worse the condition of the surface becomes, making the future use of spray adhesive more and more likely. Our approach is therefore to ensure lasting adhesion through thorough preparation and the use of high-quality materials.

In addition to our tried-and-tested BOXLAB hazardous goods labels, our comprehensive system solution also includes the BOXLAB BIO cleaner, a squeegee and a practical plastic scraper. With this system solution, we ensure that the surface is prepared correctly and that the labels adhere permanently and securely.

The BOXLAB spray adhesive - your strong partner for difficult cases

Although we normally avoid the use of spray adhesive, there are situations where even the best preparation is not enough. For these stubborn cases, we have developed the BOXLAB spray adhesive, which is specially designed for permanently fixing labels to the most difficult surfaces. Whether heavily soiled, rusty or damaged substrates, extreme temperatures or adverse weather conditions – BOXLAB spray adhesive ensures reliable adhesion when other methods fail.


The advantages of BOXLAB spray adhesive at a glance

Extremely strong adhesion:
Ensures a permanent fixation of labels on all surfaces, including heavily soiled metal, rust or plastic.

Quick drying:

Allows you to continue working quickly and prevents the labels from smearing.

High temperature resistance:

Withstands extreme temperatures from -40°C to +100°C, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Waterproof and solvent-resistant:

Guarantees long-lasting adhesion even in the event of moisture, rain, snow or chemical influences.

Transparent and flexible:

Invisible and flexible after drying, adapts to the shape of the surface.

Simple and safe:

Convenient spray can enables precise application and dosing.

Versatile application possibilities

Versatile application options
BOXLAB spray adhesive is not only suitable for attaching labels to packaging, products, machines and signs, but also for repairing loose labels and for various craft and hobby projects. Whether paper, cardboard, fabric, wood or other materials – BOXLAB spray adhesive offers you maximum flexibility.

Use when:

Our comprehensive labeling process

The correct preparation and application of placards and dangerous goods labels are crucial for the legal compliance and safety of your shipments. Our proven BOXLAB process includes:

Clean surface:

Use the BOXLAB BIO cleaner to optimally prepare the surface to ensure maximum adhesion.

Attach label:

Thanks to our unique product designs and consistent use of a flexible squeegee, the label is applied correctly and without bubbles.

Remove old labels:

With our hazard-free plastic scraper you can remove old labels safely and easily, without risk of injury.

Fix with spray adhesive:

If necessary, the attached label can be subsequently fixed with spray adhesive.

Order your BOXLAB spray adhesive

Convince yourself of the performance of our BOXLAB spray adhesive. Although it should not be used as a standard process, it can be very helpful in special situations such as poor weather conditions or for on-the-go touch-ups. Keep a few cans on hand to be on the safe side and ensure that your labels stick reliably even under extreme conditions.

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Discover the versatility and strength of BOXLAB spray adhesive and make your labeling safer and more efficient than ever before.

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