March 17, 2023


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In addition to the current ADR 2023 and 100 individually compiled hazard label samples (single sheet), our exclusive ADR Starter Kit contains a practical safety scraper for removing old labels including risk assessment, our BOXLAB BIO cleaner for quick and optimal cleaning of surfaces, and a practical squeegee for bubble-free attachment of new placards or danger labels for optimal hold.


Now straight to the product

The latest on dangerous goods transport

ADR 2023

The latest in dangerous goods transport on the road
Regardless of whether it is the sender, packer, carrier or recipient of a shipment – if you are involved in the transport of hazardous goods by road , you must know the applicable ADR regulations very well!

And not only that, but from January 1st, but at the very latest after the end of the transition period from July 1st, 2023, you must actually apply ADR 2023 if you want to have dangerous goods transported by road.

The ADR 2023 from ecomed SICHERHEIT

opens up the complex ADR regulations.

In addition to the wording of ADR 2023, the ecomed book edition of ADR 2023 contains the current legal status:

  • the Dangerous Goods Transport Act (GGBefG)
  • the dangerous goods ordinance for road, rail and inland waterway transport (GGVSEB)
  • the Implementation Guideline Dangerous Goods (RSEB)
  • the Dangerous Goods Exemption Ordinance (GGAV)
  • the Dangerous Goods Officer Ordinance (GbV)
  • the Dangerous Goods Control Ordinance (GGControlV)
  • an overview of applicable ADR agreements
  • an alphabetical list of substances
  • an extensive, detailed index

Everything you need to know about the transport of dangerous goods by road can be found in ADR 2023:

  • Scope, definitions and transitional provisions
  • Exceptions and Waivers
  • Classification and corresponding test methods
  • Use, construction, design and testing of packaging, IBC, bulk packaging and tanks
  • Regulations for shipping, labeling, labeling, documentation and transportation
Therefore ADR 2023

your benefits

The special advantages of the ADR 2023 from ecomed for you:

With numerous marginal references to relevant references, ADR 2023 is also included in other dangerous goods regulations, which contain, among other things, simplifications and exceptions. This will tell you straight away whether facilitation is possible for the transport of dangerous goods in question. This means that time-consuming research in the regulations, on the Internet or in the traffic bulletin is no longer necessary.

With around 6,000 entries, the index is particularly detailed and takes into account all the regulations contained in the book. This is how you can find the information you are looking for in the book ADR 2023 quickly and easily.

With the ecomed edition ADR 2023 you are well prepared for the safe transport of dangerous goods on the road!

The carefully prepared source information.

Subheadings inserted by the publisher create a precise structure and you will immediately find the right passage. The official changes in ADR 2023 are highlighted in gray and are immediately apparent.

The most important changes in the new ADR 2023

Carriage of polymerizing substances as waste in packages (new SV 676)

Units of measurement and abbreviations (previously under Definitions) are summarized in a separate section (1.2.3)

simplification and clarification of the rules for visual inspection of containers; Inadmissibility of loading in the event of damage to the freight transport unit, meaning of the term structurally suitable clarified ( and

Special provisions for entries in the transport document

Salvage Packs
Transport of stabilized and temperature-controlled substances
Carriage of substances in the molten state
the application of special provisions (additional information)
refillable pressure receptacles approved by the United States Department of Transportation
Specifications for entering quantities when transporting waste

pressure vessels

Amended regulations for pressure vessels and their closures
New: Regulations for refillable pressure receptacles approved by the United States Department of Transportation

New safety requirements for FL and EX/III vehicles related to automatic fire suppression systems

Large container (7.1.4)
Suitability of large containers from a structural point of view – prerequisite for use for carriage

recycled plastics
New ways of using recycled plastics

special regulations
New SV 396, 397,398

Items with attached gas cylinders with valves

tank container
Rules for oversized tank containers


New procedures and controls for testing and approval of tanks; Clarification of inspection periods for tanks for the carriage of refrigerated liquefied gases (Chapter 4.3 and 6.8)
New equipment regulation for tanks for flammable liquefied gases with safety valves in and new safety valve mark

Tanks (FRP)

New regulations for portable tanks made of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP)
Further development of the regulations for fibre-reinforced plastic tanks – new chapter 6.9

UN numbers

New UN 3550 for COBALT DIHYDROXIDE POWDER Class 6.1 VG (substance entry in Table A)
Changes to numerous UN numbers such as 1002, 1012, 1043 etc.
Deletion of 1169


Adaptation of the mass or volume limits for packaging that does not have to be type-approved
Changes to packing instruction P 200
Changes in the use of packaging for lithium batteries (P 911, LP 906)

With Download

Additional information on our ADR 2023 edition is available for download on the ecomed website.

In the book you will find the relevant code and instructions.

The download area contains important changes in ADR 2023 that could not be taken into account by the time of going to press, as well as other current information and supplements. You will also find there:

the ODV
the EU directive 2008/68/EG
a user-related overview of the ADR changes 2023, in which shippers, senders, carriers etc. can directly find the changes that are important for their work.

In combination unbeatable

ADR 2023 and:

Danger label

Danger label in the format 100x100mm on a roll. Can also be customized and ordered as a combination of 2 or 3.

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BIO cleaner

With our BOXLAB BIO cleaner, you can effortlessly remove dirt, dust and grease residue. BIO basis, no hazardous substance.

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BOXLAB squeegee

The squeegee made of recycled material allows you to attach new placards with the required contact pressure without creating bubbles.

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With our practical, injury-free safety scraper, you can quickly and safely remove old placards from their substrate. Incl. 10 replacement blades

Starter Kit bestellen

Not just on the road?

Starter Kit

ADR 2023


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Starter Kit

RID 2023


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  • 100x hazard labels 100x100mm
  • 1x BOXLAB organic cleaner
  • 1x BOXLAB squeegee
  • 1x BOXLAB safety scraper
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