March 19, 2024


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The unique 3in1 MultiMark hazard labelOptimize operational processes with just one label
We are proud to present our latest product: the 3in1 MultiMark hazard label. This innovative hazard label is a groundbreaking solution for companies that require efficient and reliable labeling of their dangerous goods packaging. In this detailed blog post, you will learn all about the unique features and benefits of the 3in1 MultiMark hazard label.

Unique combination:

The 3in1 MultiMark hazard label combines three important labeling elements on a single label: the hazard label, the ADR shipping label with the note „Overpack / outer packaging“ and an individual UN number. This unique combination offers a comprehensive labeling solution for various dangerous goods classes and packaging.


Flexibility and user-friendliness:

By combining three labeling elements on one label, the 3in1 MultiMark hazard label not only simplifies your labeling processes, but also your procurement and warehousing processes. You can label different packaging with just one product, saving time, labor and material costs. In addition, all combinations can be realized individually to meet the specific requirements of your products.


Ordering the 3in1 MultiMark danger label is extremely easy. As standard, we offer the same individual combination of dangerous goods class and UN number four times on one sheet. However, customers have the option of ordering multiple combinations by adding the product to the shopping cart multiple times or ordering additional combinations in increments of 40. We are also happy to accept special requests for individually designed labels, which can simply be emailed to our team.


Certified materials and printing:

Our 3in1 MultiMark hazard label is produced on high quality PE material, which offers strong adhesion and high resistance to the harsh conditions encountered during transportation. It is printed in accordance with the strict requirements of BS 5609 Section III, which ensures excellent seawater resistance. This makes the 3in1 MultiMark hazard label not only robust, but also durable and reliable.


By default, the labels are offered as labels rotated to the left. However, upon customer request, they can also be rotated to the right at a 45° angle to adapt to specific packaging. Please state this customization request clearly as a comment during the ordering process. This option ensures that your labeling meets your exact requirements and ensures optimal readability.



If you would like to find out more about the 3in1 MultiMark danger label or place an order, simply visit our online shop. If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone. Our dedicated team is always available to help you with your marking needs and offer tailored solutions.