July 15, 2024


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Introduction of the BOXLAB Services Outlet for labelsFocus on sustainability and cost efficiency
At BOXLAB Services, we pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions for our customers' packaging and labeling needs. With the launch of our new BOXLAB Services outlet, we aim to provide you with a platform that offers both economic and sustainable benefits. Find out more about the concept of our outlet, the products on offer and the many benefits it can bring to your business in this article.

What is the BOXLAB Services Outlet?

Das BOXLAB Services Outlet ist Ihre erste Adresse für stark reduzierte Etiketten aller Art. Hier bieten wir B-Ware, Überproduktionen und Restbestände zu äußerst günstigen Preisen an. Alle Produkte im Outlet sind unbeschädigt und entsprechen den höchsten Qualitätsstandards, die Sie von BOXLAB Services gewohnt sind. Unser Outlet richtet sich an Unternehmen, die ihre Verpackungs- und Kennzeichnungsprozesse kosteneffizient optimieren möchten, ohne dabei Abstriche bei der Qualität zu machen.

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Wide range of labels

Our range includes a wide variety of labels, including:

Dangerous goods labels:

Ideal for labeling dangerous goods in accordance with the latest regulations.

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GHS labels:

Perfect for the labeling of hazardous substances.

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For various applications in your company.

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Blank labels:

Printable labels in standard DIN formats.

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Sustainability in focus

Sustainability is a key aspect of our outlet. We take in overproduction and leftover stock. Instead of destroying these unused materials, we give them a second chance. This reduces waste and conserves valuable resources, which is both environmentally friendly and economical.

Dynamic product range

As we do not have a fixed portfolio for our outlet, our range is always subject to change. The available labels always adapt to the current situation and are often only available in limited quantities. This means that you should check back regularly to avoid missing out on attractive offers.

Advantages of the BOXLAB Services Outlet

  1. Cost Efficiency: Get high-quality labels at greatly reduced prices. High Quality: All products are undamaged and meet the strict quality standards of BOXLAB Services.
  2. Immediate Availability: Reduce your storage costs and optimize your labeling processes with our immediately available labels.
  3. Sustainability: Contribute to waste reduction by using labels from overproduction and leftover stock.
  4. Wide Selection: Find labels for various applications in your business.

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How does shopping in the outlet work?

Shopping at BOXLAB Services Outlet is easy and straightforward. Visit our new category in our online shop, browse through the available products, and select the labels that meet your needs. Since our inventory changes regularly, we recommend checking back often to secure the best deals.

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It's so easy to shop in the label outlet.


The BOXLAB Services Outlet is an ideal solution for companies looking to streamline their packaging and labeling processes cost-effectively and sustainably. With our wide range of high-quality labels, immediate availability, and attractive prices, we offer you the opportunity to reduce operational costs while contributing to environmental protection. Trust BOXLAB Services – your reliable partner for professional labeling solutions.

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Visit us at or contact us to discover the benefits of our outlet for your business.


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