Hazardous goods labels training truck "Mercedes-Benz" - Realistic hazardous goods training coursesHazardous goods labels "Mercedes-Benz" training truck
For effective and realistic dangerous goods training, we are pleased to present our remote-controlled RC container truck "Mercedes-Benz" on a scale of 1:20. This highly detailed truck offers you a unique learning environment in which your participants can interactively simulate the handling of dangerous goods. Its remote-controlled functionality and realistic lighting effects create an authentic training experience that significantly enhances the learning effects.

Realistic training scenarios

The RC container truck gives you the opportunity to simulate a variety of training scenarios. The trailer can be automatically uncoupled and the container removed separately. Your participants can open the container and load various packaging materials at a scale of 1:20, creating practical training situations. This provides practical insights into the correct handling and packaging of dangerous goods.

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Accessories and labels

Our set includes special container design labels that enhance the visualization of a shipping container, creating a realistic training environment. Interchangeable landing pad labels and a squeegee and scraper make removing and replacing placards easy. These tools support the learning process by giving your participants practical skills and enabling real-world application.

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Remote control functions

The extensive functions of the remote control allow your participants to control the truck themselves and carry out various maneuvers. Functions such as uncoupling and coupling the trailer, adjusting the speed and controlling the horn and sound effects promote understanding of complex scenarios and add variety to your presentations. This interactivity ensures a deeper understanding and better internalization of the learning content.

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Individualization options

If desired, the RC container truck can be customized, for example by adding logos or other designs. These customization options allow you to incorporate your organization’s corporate branding, further personalizing the training experience. Use these options to make your training unique and specific to your needs.

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Scope of delivery

1:20 scale RC container truck
Remote control
Digital instructions
Separately removable container
Squeegee and scraper
Landing site labels for label replacement
Special container labels
“Electronic transport license plate” and “empty warning sign”

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A complete 1:10 scale placard set is available separately. Batteries are not included.

Hazardous goods labels training truck „Label set 1:10“,
76 per set

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Our RC container truck is an indispensable tool for trainers and participants to take dangerous goods training to the next level and teach safety-relevant processes in a practical way. Thanks to the realistic functions and the possibility of customizing the truck, every training course becomes an interactive and effective experience.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about this innovative training tool.


If you would like further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Discover the advantages of our training sets and take a step towards efficiency and safety when labeling dangerous goods packaging.

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